Prop 3

Prop 3

Utah Decided. No Caps. No Red Tape. NO REPEAL.   

More than 53% of Utahns voted yes for Proposition 3 in support of full Medicaid expansion.

The margin of support for full expansion was almost 70,000 votes. That's a more than clear majority of voters sending a strong message to lawmakers.

Sadly, some members of our legislature are working quickly to revise and water-down the voter-approved version. If these attempts to "fix" the bill are approved, it will have negative consequences for Utah residents as a whole and, specifically, our HIV positive community. 

HIV Care:

Facts and Real-Life Impacts of Proposition 3 and Full Medicaid Expansion

-Increased access to medications and healthcare services for HIV positive residents.

-Increased access to healthcare for dependents of HIV positive residents; relieving caretakers from the stress of worrying about their healthcare in addition to that of their family's.

-Reallocation of funds toward programs that provide supportive services for HIV positive individuals.Examples include assistance with housing, food, transportation, and emergency financial assistance. 

-A more robust and stable funding stream for healthcare services. 

Follow the link below for Proposition 3 policy updates: