Turkeys & Hams

The Utah AIDS Foundation foodbank tries to supply all the turkeys and hams to go with the Holiday Meal Baskets for our clients. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to supply this much meat for our clients. You can help us provide the main dish for our clients‘ holiday meals.

Donate a turkey or ham, or a gift certificate for a turkey or ham to the Utah AIDS Foundation foodbank and we will distribute it with a Holiday Meal Basket.

Most grocery stores allow you to purchase such gift certificates. Or, if your company provides a holiday meat gift certificate that you are not planning to use, go ahead and donate it to our clients.

You can also purchase a frozen turkey or ham and donate it to the Utah AIDS Foundation foodbank. Our volunteers have arranged freezer space to handle these items. Please DO NOT include any meat products in a Holiday Meal Basket you are donating. Instead, separate the meat, and donate it separately.

Please drop off gift certificates by Friday, November 16st and Friday, December 14th!

Need more information?
Please call (801) 487-2323 or email us!