Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at UAF Legacy Health. You can make a difference for people living with HIV/AIDS and help increase HIV education in our community. Each person who is touched by this disease can be part of the solution. 

Step One: Watch Volunteer Orientation Video

Because of the importance and often sensitive nature of volunteer work, we require new volunteers view the online Volunteer Orientation Video. 

Volunteer Orientation Video


Step Two: Complete Volunteer Application

After viewing the Volunteer Orientation Video, please complete the Volunteer Application. 

Complete our Volunteer Application


Step Three: Wait To Hear From Program Staff

Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed. You will soon be contacted by a staff member about getting your volunteer work underway! 


Volunteer Opportunities

UAF Legacy Health has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. Browse through the opportunities listed below to find the opportunity that best suits your interests and schedule.

The opportunities listed here are just a sampling of the many opportunities that are available at UAF Legacy Health. Keep in mind that we are always interested in creating new volunteering opportunities that utilize the interests and skills of our volunteers. If you have professional skills, such as therapeutic social work, photography, or graphic design, that you would like to utilize in your volunteer work, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.